New Book Release

Book Release February 1, 2019 - Tribute Publishing, LLC.

What happens when nature fights back?
“The Animals Next Door” tells of the mayhem that Thinker the Bear Cub and his friends will go through to escape their captures of a mad scientist. During his adventures, Thinker addresses his disgust for littering and the disregard for nature’s resources while connecting to new friends.  It is the dream of the forest creatures to find the legendary Enchanted Forest where it is unpolluted and safe from hunters and poachers.  The story takes an interesting and final turn when nature fights back to restore order by unveiling its displeasure for constant disregard of its ecological balance.  The Animals Next Door” is written with this concern in mind and gives a voice to these living creatures, known as our “neighbors.”

Join Thinker and all of his friends in this lovable story for children of all ages!

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