Newest Release June 2020

the best is yet to come

This song was inspired after many years of growing up with the Wonderful World of Disney. After years of songwriting, I have always wanted to do something towards animation and motion pictures with a big orchestra sound. With a little help from my friends, a "dream" comes true. Enjoy the accompanying vocals of Amanda Lubecki and the musical arrangement of Mark Leonard and myself. (Even in a quarantine, just know, "The Best Is Yet To Come!")

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New Book Release 

Book Release February 1, 2019 - Tribute Publishing, LLC.

What happens when nature fights back?
“The Animals Next Door” tells of the mayhem that Thinker the Bear Cub and his friends will go through to escape their captures of a mad scientist. During his adventures, Thinker addresses his disgust for littering and the disregard for nature’s resources while connecting to new friends.  It is the dream of the forest creatures to find the legendary Enchanted Forest where it is unpolluted and safe from hunters and poachers.  The story takes an interesting and final turn when nature fights back to restore order by unveiling its displeasure for constant disregard of its ecological balance.  The Animals Next Door” is written with this concern in mind and gives a voice to these living creatures, known as our “neighbors.”

Join Thinker and all of his friends in this lovable story for children of all ages!

Forever Remember 5K Walk/Run 

Many of you know that my mom has aged with Alzheimer’s/Dementia Disease…I’ve heard that when life gives you lemons “make lemonade.” Well, I have decided to support a local research nonprofit which brings awareness to Alzheimer’s Disease as well as other neurological diseases (such as Stroke, Dementia, and Parkinson’s Disease). The Star Neuroscience Foundation works with many organizations to help extend their research. On September 29, 2018…please join with us as we raise awareness in the 5K Forever Remember Walk/Run of the Star Neuroscience Foundation. More information at

Adonaijah Foundation 

Raising the competence of our nation's youth through pre-professional skills and arts-in-education...updating site at Coming soon!

New CD Release-"Simple Things In Life" 

With ever increasing economical and social concerns, it is important to focus on the importance of life- or the getting back to the basics- "Simple things in life". This album, "Simple Things In Life" emphasizes the quality of life which is free to all humanity. Its universal message transcends time and genre. If you are a music lover, you will enjoy "Simple Things In Life," with Addison and Friends. Look for this upcoming release in June and its inspiring messages!

CD / Video Release 

IT'S COMING TOGETHER for you 2008... Don't miss the debut release scheduled February 7, 2008 at Christian City Church introducing the video of the CD title track -"It's Coming Together!"