When At First You Don't Succeed


Judah of Israel was chosen by God to fight against their brethren, Benjamin; for Gibeah of Benjamin had committed a great sin. (Judges 20:4-6 KJV) Israel continued to war, but failed miserably, twice. But this failure made the enemy grow over confident and comfortable. It wasn't until the third time, after devising a strategy, that God gave their enemies into their hand! Victory was theirs! Re-work your plan. The fight you are battling may even be from family members. You may have failed in the past at several business ventures; but don't be afraid to start all over again! If God be for you... who can be against you? God is pruning and preparing you for the mission. Your success is often determined by your failure. God has granted you experience. You're still here to show forth His glory. You now know the things to avoid. Just remember Israel consulted God all three times; yet it wasn't until the 3rd time, that they succeeded. It may seem like the enemy is winning, but he is being deceived by his own delusions. Things are not always what they seem! Always acknowledge God first, even through failures; and persevere. Be relentless! God wants to establish you and His beauty upon the works of your hand. This time, cast your net deeper into the sea; for it shall bring forth in prosperity. It's coming together for you!

- Addison Baker

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