Finish The Prayer

After long await, I wandered what happened all my life...then I was divinely visited and this was my lesson... Daniel had been praying and receiving answers from God concerning his daily life and Israel’s future. Prior to Daniel ch.10, Gabriel had delivered messages of understanding and interpretation to Daniel. It wasn’t until Daniel Ch.10, that we see an arrival of the man clothed in linen strengthened Daniel twice to receive, hear and then speak. There were others with Daniel, however, they hid themselves and ran from the power and presence of God. *Sometimes the power of your blessings are too strong for others. But note, it never was for them….Verse 12 of ch.10 denotes strictly that the word of the Lord stated “from the moment you prayed (set your heart and mind to understand) we heard and have come because of your words (prayer). He also states, that he was resisted or delayed by the Prince of Persia and Michael had to help him and He had left Michael fighting and must return to the battle to fight. He gave Daniel all that he asked for and more…. The revelation consists of two parts…The celestial battle which rages and the Hellenistic wars on the human plane…The earthly conflict reflect the celestial battle. Each nation is represented by one prince, or angel, and Israel’s patron angel is Michael. This shows the conflict of Nations and Heavenly Powers, even regional principalities, thrones and kingdoms. We have a fighting angel…NOTE: He said to Daniel, 10ch verse 21…There is one who contends with these princes (principalities)---Michael “your” prince. Daniel had been “fasting” or in mourning…but he did not do as traditionally as normal…he did not anoint his head or wash his face for 21 days…..Note: This is the same time that ch10:13 the other being states it took to get the blessing of interpretation to Daniel. It could be assumed this visitation was a little more powerful and different from the visit of Gabriel in the chapters prior. This chapter gives great description of the man clothed in linen. Daniel references still my lord…This vision and visitation was much powerful and required the assistance of Michael the archangel. Daniel was much older now and had served under several kings; however, the one desire remained was to know about the seventy years exile determined for Israel as spoken by Jeremiah the prophet. Daniel had lived through many of those years but yet to know or understand the visions and time of the revelations. This puzzled him and the more he seen…the more troubled he became because he knew God answered his prayers…and the ONE thing managed to grieve him (his spirit)….therefore the scripture reads in some interpretation….Daniel was in mourning and we say fasting…But I dare submit to you that Daniel was more disturbed because he had not gotten an answer from God and was used to hearing from God. He is now old (possibly along 85yrs of age) and is still waiting on an answer. Have you ever wanted or missed the one thing you’ve been praying on or for…it seems to allude you? Daniel mourned (almost as to pout) as not to receive and answer…..Thus the message is given at the first “Daniel we heard you from the moment you prayed and the word was sent out…but it took 21 days to get to you and I had to have help form Michael to do that….” “I left Michael fighting and must return back to the battle…but while I am here…I will tell you more because I am here because of your words” If this being clothed in white linen received help from Michael….what about you and I? He stressed that Michael is “your” prince and He will rise up to fight for Israel… God is listening for YOUR words and is come….Finish the prayer and command the atmosphere of the regional principalities, thrones and kingdoms….YOU have a Prince and champion ready to fight for YOU! Pray for those connected to the blessing of God…they have been hindered by the enemy…The same amount of time Daniel didn’t anoint his head or pray in the normal way as usual was the same amount of days specifically stated by the man clothed in linen. Daniels prayers changed….However, it wasn’t that he wasn’t praying, He didn’t finish the prayer… Ask God to touch, bless and keep those connected to the blessings of God. Pray that his mercies and his hand of protection watches over them keeping them from hurt harm and danger and delivering them from evil; even in the hour of temptation. Bless them coming in and going out this time and forevermore. Let them know that you are God, even in the midst of their circumstances and that YOU are God alone; and that I am YOUR servant (so they will recognize you when they see you). God of Michael the archangel…Plead my cause of God with them that strive with me and fight against those that fight against me…Take hold of shield and buckler and fight (stand) for me! In Jesus Name… The enemy tries to throw a facade or disguise himself as light while frustrating the purpose of the saints. He has had his hand on the doorknob of success of God’s people…making it hard to go through or making it seem like it wasn’t God or for them…thus causing doubt and fear; Ultimately, he made some change their paths prematurely or give up without a fight. Therefore, we miss others as we are moving on or out of position, as (at the same time) those sent to be a blessing, have been attacked and frustrated so…that they are held up and miss each other. Thus, we figure or think that God was not in the plan or in the plan as a sign to forfeit (forgo) the idea and concept. The only way the enemy can win is when we become overwhelmed and frustrated with fear and doubt causing us to hand over the blessing or close the door on success and ideas. We become to frustrated with the path and ultimately say “maybe this isn’t it or the pathway I should take…..God is not concerned as much with the path as he is your direction. Man chooses his path but God directs his footsteps. It is in the going or doing that God finds us…God never called anyone stagnant! Just do something! In Revelation to the church of Philadelphia…he states I placed before you an open door that no one can clothes…you have a little power…….Why does he say this? The door for access is always open and they just need to use the little power they have to kick it open….He has the key that no one can stop you…He has the Key of David to open doors no man can close and to close doors no man can open! This is The Lord of Hosts at our access-- available to assist us because of obedience. It was never about the door or path, but about the journey, the way or direction God wants us to go through….but know the Doors are open and you can go through….The enemy just made it look hard or complicated (frustrated) the purpose. Be relentless and don’t give up…He can’t take the blessing unless you give it up. The enemy is accusing the brethren daily…This punk is saying, “if you let me frustrate them enough, I bet you they will curse you, leave you (they only serve you because of what you give them)…let me torment the people connected to them since I can’t have them…I bet you they will turn on you! AS in Job, after God began to rebuke Job (Job ch.42), he gained increase understanding like Daniel and began to pray for his friends after receiving instruction by God to do so….HIS FRIENDS WERE CONNECTED TO HIS BLESSING…God told his friends to give Job an earring of gold and Job prayed for his friends….NOTE: God talked to Job (listened for his voice and told him to pray) and then God spoke to his friends; and, Job’s captivity turned when he prayed for those connected to the blessing of God. Daniel was encouraged to continue in prayer although he did not understand everything…BUT WE DO KNOW THAT THE MESSENGER SOLICITED HELP FROM MICHAEL! If HE needed help,….what about us on the human plane? Finish the Prayer! It both releases the hidden, unseen blessings which God has determined in store or awaits you….Release the Lord and his angelic hosts to work on your behalf. However, they await your words! Finish the prayer!

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