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Simple Things in Life
Addison Baker & Friends

“Free / so free / feel the wind beneath your wings / your heart can beat

With his fourth full-length album, Simple Things in Life, Addison Baker
has infused an eclectic feel into soaring gospel lyrics and creates a
musical atmosphere you won’t soon forget.

Addison combines several different genres, ranging from jazz to gospel
to country, with a sprinkling of soul thrown in just for good measure. This
hodge podge creates a surprisingly seamless collection of songs that’s
both complex and fun. “Free” is an exceptional example of this, as it
displays an instrumental style that isn’t easily described and lyrics that
make the heart soar.

Each song emphasizes hope, love, and God’s grace and sends the
listener on a mental journey to a higher place. As worship lyrics, these
songs deliver. If you’re looking for a great album that makes you feel like
you’ve just been to church, Simple Things in Life is for you!

- Variance Magazine
Variance Magazine (Aug 6, 2011)
It's coming Together Video Release 2008...Take a look!
Addison Baker - You Tube (Jan 9, 2008)
Now Unveiling - Simple Things In Life - The Book
This manuscript is very revelatory and insightful. It invokes the manifestation of a hidden resolve, as often experienced while "going through." It brings clarity to much of that, which is experienced during such moments of ambiguity, rendering hope in the interim. It also challenges the introspection of our praise and worship to God. My "praise" has been enlightened and my spirit charged.
-RestPress Publishing- Kechia Jenkins
If you have a passion to increase the literacy among youth and inspire the imagination of young minds to read or dream...This Book is for you and children of all ages, even the young at heart, entitled "The Animals Nextdoor." Look for this unveiling of fiction and the artistry of cartoon characters available only through our upcoming promotional offers.
by Addison Baker - Coming 2011 - "The Children's Storybook" (Apr 4, 2011)
Addison Baker, once a worship leader for Global Destiny International Center under Bishop Thomas and Dr. Juanita Bynum Weeks III, is a crooner for Christ; but when he was 4 yrs old, doctors said that he would never speak again. When you hear Baker's I will Praise CD, you will realize that God has a plan for all our lives. The fourth cut on this CD, Word from the Lord, showcases Baker's powerful upper register, cool calming beats, mixed with traditional praise and worship music as a hallmark of his sound. It is His best song yet! He sounds as if he's wooing a love ballet to God. Baker's male soprano voice coupled with his passionate delivery tells a story only this man could tell. His heart and soul connects with the words he sings. Baker praises and as you listen, you can't help but praise God too!