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"You're My"

featuring Ryan Aquilino
Written by Addison Baker and Ryan Aquilino,


Hip Hop/Rapper/Producer/DJ- Ryan Aquilino- is an undiscovered treasure of Heaven in his ability to choose hit music for any occasion. Friend and business partner- Ryan consented to share with the world on this project one of his many songs never published. He assisted in selecting many songs on the project; however, this particular one shows his versitile rapping style...This album has something for everyone! It is the story of life, told in its many facets or genres. (And a great thanks to Rudy Vaughn for his engineering skills!)


You see I know life might get hard some time But you have to realize that God has a plan for you A special purpose, so don’t ever give up Always seek his face ‘Cause we know that “in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. Romans 8:28 You’re my) My inspiration (You’re my) My motivation (That’s why) My Dedication to you (You’re my) My conversation (You’re my)You’re my salvation; My God…will be there for you Ya see there would be times, where I was down and out But it was still you and I, that’s what it’s about So I talk to you, I tell you what’s on my spirit You’re the one I confide in, ‘cause I know you will hear it I can tell you anything without getting embarrassed Your friendship I cherish ‘cause I know it’s the rarest I’m so thankful that you just paid the cost Though at your expense you had to die on the cross They said the sin of the world, no one man could carry To place that burden on someone would just be too heavy But you proved them wrong cause 3 days later you rose, Stone was rolled away from your tomb, that’s how it goes I’ll continue to worship you in everything I do And I wait for the day that I’ll get to stand next to you Until then I’m gonna continue to sing songs of praise You’re my motivation; I’ll always keep my hands raised, While I think of you (You’re my)My inspiration (You’re my)My motivation That’s why My Dedication to you (You’re my) My conversation (You’re my)You’re my salvation; My God… will be there for you I remember, that day in September I was baptized in the water, now we are together Matter of fact I can say now I’ll know you forever Eternity with you, yeah, that sounds even better So now when I write, I like to write about you You’re always on my heart and it’s what I love to do And like the chorus says you’re my inspiration, motivation, Dedication, conversation, salvation, you’re my relation Before these lyrics even come out my mouth You already know what I’m thinking and I’m talking about I don’t know anyone else that could compare to you That’s a fact, not an opinion; best believe that it’s true I study your word all day long reading about you scripture Trying to make others realize and just see the big picture That you are Lord Jesus Christ, you made all things right Sent your son to die on the cross and save our life, that’s why… (He’ll be there for you) Over and Over again (Yes, he will) Over and Over again (He’ll never fail) Over and Over again My God will always be there for you (You’re my)My inspiration (You’re my)My motivation That’s why My Dedication to you (You’re my) My conversation (You’re my)You’re My salvation; My God…will be there for you