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I Will Praise

Addison Baker


About This Project “I WILL PRAISE” is the title track of the CD. It is a combination of ten psalms which convey personal testimony and triumph. “After ingesting lye…,” Addison’s testimony [Track 12 – A must hear] gives praise and glory to God for His marvelous works, healing and deliverance. The title suggests not only the result of an action, but the purpose of and response to God’s mercy and grace. “…to do what I do is a testimony and miracle. When I was four, I stumbled into a cabinet at home which contained a box of lye used in the old days for making lye soap and cleaning products. Being the busy-body I was, I ingested some of it! In the 70’s, I was born into a country area to older parents who believed in anointing oil and the power of healing. The lye ate my vocal cords among other things. The mothers of church prayed, pouring anointing oil on me. Well, in three days, God healed me - actually growing or replacing my vocal cords. I remember not being able to speak or see, but miraculously, God showed his hand and plan for my life… …not just to say I was born with asthma but God healed me of severe asthmatic attacks by the age of 12. So I’m really saying; I didn’t have the vocals or the breath, but God gave them to me for His glory. As a result of His goodness and kindness, I promised Him…I WILL PRAISE with every breath I take and with my voice lifted in thanksgiving!”