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Addison Baker
Written by Addison Baker, produced by Ansane for


This song was brought into my ears by my good (best friend, He suggested I write this, LOL) friend by the producers of Ansane. He asked me to write to it and here is what I heard...A song which expresses the emancipation from the weights of life which holds one from their destiny. This song reiterates the meaning/feeling of freedom in a society as it applies to a relationship, a nation, or a personal journey. What does freedom really mean? And how does it truly feel? May the inspiration of this song encourage the soul to aspire to its greatness!


In a world of possibilities You find faith to dream and believe The courage to stand and strength to become Free Feels like life has come and gone Becoming content with what you have done Reaching still for your dreams, remembering they’re not too far Free Having respect for the rules But living beyond the bars Yet daring to dream But not venturing too far Free…So free (Wind on my wings….Feel your heartbeat) Feel the wind beneath your wings Your heart can beat again Free…Be free (Free…Free…Free to Be Free to Live Free to love again…) Free to live again…Free to love again OOOh Free A place where you don’t have to belong Where it’s just okay to be from Inspite of where you are Free A place where everyone can share No doubt, and no pain or cares You’ll never be hurt again or have to hurt anyone Free Not afraid to take a chance once more Or in bondage behind closed doors It doesn’t matter what people say or What they think anymore Free…So free Feel the wind beneath your wings Your heart can beat again Free…Be free Free to live again…Free to love again Free Oooooooooooooo….Free…Yeah Free….Free ….Free…Free….(repeat x’s) (Repeat)