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Coffee and Conversation

Addison Baker Featuring Ryan Aquilino
Ryan Aquilino and Addison Baker


Reminiscent of a nostalgic walk or an intimate devotional time with the one you love...the Creator... As the Song of Solomon tells of his true intimate devotional time is expressed and interchanged with the True Lover of our Soul with "Coffee and Conversation."


COFFEE AND CONVERSATION Written by Addison Baker and Ryan Aquilino You see we’re about to have a little coffee So sit back and relax You Addison, give em that sugar… Coffee and Conversation, a meeting and a greeting place A special devotion created in a time and space What will it be today? French vanilla, cappachino, a mocha latte I think I’ll have just a cup of coffee with a little sugar and cream So we can begin the day The best we ever seen No matter what time may bring Your my morning melody Every time I’m near you my heart sing So get comfortable, no pretense, just you and me You have my attention and that the way it will always be Coffee and Conversation Just a little time with you brings a smile upon my face Doesn’t matter the transition You’re the one that will never change Like Coffee and Conversation More than my eyes can see, More than my ears can hear than my words can say, your more beautiful today I think of you when I wake up, You’re the first thing on my mind You’re the one I always think of, Right before I close my very eyes You’ll always answer when I call, No problem too big or too small Your never far, you’re always near, You’re the one that never changes Whenever I’m with you or when we’re apart, My life, my breathe, my heart I choose to spend this day with you from the start CHORUS: BRIDGE: Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall You’re the one, My all in all Everyday you’re always here You’re the one that I hold dear Coffee and Conversation A normal routine That’s’ the way it will always be Vamp: It’s like when I do this Hip-Hop, or when I do R&B Like a daydream or a mirage in the dessert sun Just like Peanut Butter and Jelly Like cake and ice cream with you just for fun Like stars in the sky and here is the reason why Singing in harmony perfectly as one Coffee and Conversation like hand and glove like honey in a honeycomb or wax to candle ….You’re like my flame to a fire You’re my one and only desire God, Coffee Coffee and Conversation I’ll take a coffee We do this every morning Same time…Same routine