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Forever Remember 5K Walk/Run
For those who have ever had loved ones- friends or family- affected by Alzheimer’s Disease, Dementia, Stroke, Parkinson’s Disease...this race is for you! We would honor your sincere desire in joining with us to raise awareness with the Star Neuroscience Foundation. This is the first of an annual event to be held in the downtown area of the city of Lawrenceville. All participants will be given race bags with purple shoelaces to recognize the National Alzheimer’s month in November. So show us your support and "rock" the laces. and fun!
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Youtube- If I Can't Say God
"If I Can't Say God" subtitled "God Bless America" Just a tribute to this great nation..."Say God Bless America"...If you believe in this nation say, (No Censorship of God) ...."God Bless America!"--- Subtitled, "If I Can't Say God"
Coming Soon- "Simple Things In Life" with Addison and Friends -May 2011. Welcome to the opportunities tab in Jango. Here, Airplay artists will find great opportunities for more exposure and promotion.
Elizabeth Margo -T.I.M.E.
Featured publication of a "collage" of poetry here for anyone and everyone. The poetic book called "T.I.M.E." represents: Thoughts, Inspirations, Motivations, and Emotions. Elizabeth Margo has had her work featured in many poetry publications, including "The National Library of Poetry," "The International Library of Poetry" and "The Famous Poets Society." She has authored two other books-- "Poetry: Words From The Heart And Mind" and "Poetry: More Words From The Heart And Mind." In this book, she again shares words that stimulate the mind, heal the heart and revive the soul. "Why is it we never have enough "Time" (hours in the day) for our "T.I.M.E.?" No matter how we try to manage it (time) things will always happen that we cannot control."---Elizabeth Margo
Simple Things In Life the book by Addison Baker. You've asked for it and now it's here! Little things do matter, it is the simple things we don't know or ignore that can make a difference! "Lulu ( ), the world's fastest-growing provider of print-on-demand books."
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It's Coming Together
Just when you thought it was over, it's coming together for you! The new release of 2008.
Click here to view Video-CD release title track "It's Coming Together"