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"Simple Things In Life" CD

Awaken to the universal sounds of the Simple Things In Life...This album combines nostalgic styles with refreshing genres for a universal appeal- emphasizing hope, love, relationship and God's grace in the basic qualities of life.

CD - Project "I WILL PRAISE"

"I Will Praise" is the title track of his latest CD. It is a combination of ten psalms that convey personal testimony and triumph. "After ingesting lye...," Addison's testimony is told on track 12 to give praise and glory to God for His marvellous works, healings, and deliverance. The title suggests not only the result of an action, but the purpose and response to God's mercy and grace.

I Will Praise (MP3)

For easy access to MP3 and digital downloads...I Will Praise is available for you!

It's Coming Together

Just when you thought it was over, It's coming together for you!